If I Were A Personal Injury Lawyer

I’ve been working with a couple different law firms and I thought I might through together a couple business development systems to grow your personal injury law firm.

Here’s a descent little video:

Personal Injury Lawyer in Norfolk, VA

I love the use of video when marketing a company. For one, it looks different in Google than a website. You get the fancy little thumbnail. And for this video you will get a green thumbnail which will stick out like a sore thumb.

The other reason video can be good for a law firm is because it will rank quicker than a traditional website. The toughest thing for lawyers though is the quality of the video. I waited over a year with one law firm for them to give me a couple lines of content and they never did! They were too worried about it not being “perfect” It doesn’t need to be perfect! Just get it out there!

Looking at how they promoted this video might help as well. They embed the video on different blogs and then backlink it with relevant back links.

All of this will help you get more clients from your videos.

Here’s some more info on the subject

If I Were A Transmission Repair Shop

If I own a transmission repair shop this is how I would implement on of our marketing systems to grow the business.

Here’s a good example of a Transmission Repair Shop in Honolulu, Hi

What they’ve done well is utilize the power of YouTube.  YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.  It gets used more than Bing, or Yahoo or any other place out there.  And since YouTube is owned by Google they seem to have a bit of favor there.

In fact, if you have at least 2 videos in your YouTube account you are 50 times more likely to be found in Google by a customer searching for what you do.

The only thing I might say they did wrong is the video is a bit short…around 30 seconds long.  They could have put more content in there about their auto repair shop or what else they do or why they’re qualified but they did add their phone number in the title and the description.  This makes it easy for a customer who needs help right now to find them and call them.

So if you’re looking to get more leads for your business.  Do what they are doing.  Make a quick video.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Upload that video to the YouTube.  Add a Phone Number in the video and in the title and description.

And then implement a ranking system to get that video ranked higher in the Google.

Review of a New Video Marketing System

I got the Easy Hangout Blueprint about 6 weeks ago as well as have been executing it every since then.

Easy Hangout Blueprint Review

I have not located a quicker much more efficient way to obtain YouTube video clips placed promptly.

Hangout video clips appear to place quicker compared to normal YouTube videos. So you view exactly how she produces Hangouts truly promptly by using a special software program and simply runs it again and again again. If you would like to control a market by ranking for each keyword or every city. You gotta learn this method.

She also explains ways to do the entire system in around 10 mins. So visualize 10 minutes of work and also rating for truly affordable keyword phrases.

It’s additionally worth the price of the training to get her layouts. You don’t need to recognize everything. Just obtain her layouts for GSA. Add your information and also go.

I would completely recommend her training to you.

If you wish to get it and also the incentive I state in the video clip.