If I Were a Window Installation Company

I was recently asked by a Window Replace & Installation Company in Albuquerque New Mexico about a low cost way to get more customers.

As usual, we look to our 4 Phase Process: Market Research, Site Design, Site Promotion & Conversion.

It’s interesting for the home window installation niche because window installs and replacements can be about car windows and home windows. ¬†The only way to come up with a way to make sure you’re only getting home window installation jobs is in your conversion process.

Or you can work out a partnership with a Car Window replacement company and funnel those leads to them and vice versa.

If you look at their site design they have some descent graphics:

But there are a couple things they could work on design wise for the home page. Fix the columns on the bottom of the page. This might not be a bad thing when viewing on mobile but might give a viewer on a desktop a bit of trouble.

With promotion, they could do the usual. Craigslist would be low cost. Or maybe work a partnership with a contractor or remodeling company.

They could add their business name, address & phone number to a Window Installation Company Directory like Window Solution Albuquerque

A window manufacturing company like Andersen Windows could be another great company to work out a mutual partnership with.

As for conversion, they gotta know their numbers. How many visitors they have to their site, how many phone calls they’re getting and how many of them turn into paying customers.

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