If I Were A Photographer

Couples Portrait PhotographyAfter talking with a friend of mine who is a Honolulu Portrait Photographer I was brainstorming some ideas of how I might get some photography sessions.

First of all, I think it’s a good idea to choose 1 single target market.  As a photographer, you might want to become all things to all people.  Which means you might do family photos, and baby photos and wedding photos and senior pics or whatever.  Of course, as a photographer you can do all of those and probably do them well but think of the power if you chose to specialize in just one.

For example, I remember a company who chose a single target marketing of cans, We Shoot Cans.  If you were trying to find someone to do a product shoot and you have a can company, which company are you more likely to buy from, We Shoot Cans or JoeSmoesPhotography?

Liz has done a good job of letting people know she’s a portrait photographer who specializes in outdoor shots.

Then I would drive traffic specifically to the portrait page on her site.  And use some sort of direct response marketing.  The response that you want is important.  Do you want an email?  Then have the email contact form as close to the top as possible.  Do you want a phone call?  Have a click to call button as high as possible.

Then give them a reason to contact you when they’re ready.

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