If I Were A Personal Injury Lawyer

I’ve been working with a couple different law firms and I thought I might through together a couple business development systems to grow your personal injury law firm.

Here’s a descent little video:

Personal Injury Lawyer in Norfolk, VA

I love the use of video when marketing a company. For one, it looks different in Google than a website. You get the fancy little thumbnail. And for this video you will get a green thumbnail which will stick out like a sore thumb.

The other reason video can be good for a law firm is because it will rank quicker than a traditional website. The toughest thing for lawyers though is the quality of the video. I waited over a year with one law firm for them to give me a couple lines of content and they never did! They were too worried about it not being “perfect” It doesn’t need to be perfect! Just get it out there!

Looking at how they promoted this video might help as well. They embed the video on different blogs and then backlink it with relevant back links.

All of this will help you get more clients from your videos.

Here’s some more info on the subject

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