If I Were a Chiropractor

I was talking with a Chiropractor about the different marketing systems he could use to get some more patients.

We have 9 separate systems for getting chiropractors new patients.

One of the systems we implement is called a Reputation Marketing System.

Reputation Marketing is creating a 5 star reputation online and marketing that reputation to get new patients.

One simple way to implement this system is by using a software like Review Trust.

Most businesses hope and pray that someone will leave them a nice review after they visit their office. Others actually take proactive steps to build that reputation.

There’s a number of things you can do to get those reviews. Give a patient a postcard with a link to a review portal of some soft to leave a review.

You can also have a phone number call in to a voicemail. Where a customer can call and leave an audio review.

Or you can have a nice follow up system like Review Trust do the heavy lifting for you.

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