If I Were A Beauty Consultant

I had another great question from someone who is a Beautycounter Consultant. She wanted a simple strategy she could use to grow her business without having to be a sleazy sales person that hits up her entire family and friends to try to get them to join her downline.

Whenever someone comes to me from any type of MLM I always recommend the same exact thing. You need to develop a system that gets people into your funnel to join your team and you need to have that happen automatically while you sleep. The best way I know to do that is to create content that I call “Traffic Catchers” It’s content that is out there that is highly focused on easy to rank for keywords that someone might be searching for in whatever your business does.

In this instance, they sell makeup and skincare type of products. I’m sure there’s people searching locally for someone who sells whatever it is they sell. So I had her focus on local keywords. Here’s a video example of something she did:

Beautycounter Consultant In Honolulu Hawaii

Once you have 30-50 traffic catchers out there, grabbing traffic for the products your company offers, you can begin to focus on offering your business development system.

I taught her a 3 phase system.

But if you’re doing just the traffic catcher phase, you will be doing far more than most of your competition.

Another strategy is focusing on holiday trends. In the USA we have a big shopping day called Black Friday. Which is the day after Thanksgiving where people go shopping all night after their food coma from eating too much turkey and stuffing.

To jump on these trends you should start 4-6 weeks before the holiday trying to get your different properties ranked in the Google.

For this you could use a YouTube Video like this:

Beautycounter Black Friday Deals

Or you could create a nice long article like they did here: Beautycounter Black Friday Deals

Again…the key for this type of marketing is getting as much content out there as you can. The more content the better.